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Creating positive change through digital campaigns

It’s time to take issues that matter to you to the right people. We’re Cuttlefish Digital and we’re here to co-create compelling digital communications for non-profit organisations that share our vision for a cleaner, more equal and more sustainable world.

We specialise in delivering targeted digital campaigns for non-profit clients working on climate change and clean energy, as well as other social causes.

Digital Campaigns

Our Strategies

Whatever the cause, we stick to our values of being effective, impactful and a trusted partner to organisations and individuals we work with.

Engaging decision makers

We believe world leaders have a responsibility to effect positive change. We’ll take your message to people in power to drive meaningful action to address the climate crisis.

Global collaboration

As part of a global network of communicators, researchers, marketers and advocacy strategists, we forge partnerships with several of the world’s strongest movements and campaigners.

Targeted digital communications

We use ‘big data’ – connections, behaviours, attitudes, identified interests and location – to tailor communications to our audience. It’s about making every communications piece more relevant, engaging, and persuasive to our target audience.

Our Partners
and Clients

Cleaning up the planet may seem like a monumental challenge, but it’s one that’s made a lot easier and more meaningful with the right partners.

We work closely with some of Asia’s most influential advocacy organisations, supporting them to campaign for clean energy and a more sustainable future for all.

Partners and clients