We help partners create and deliver impactful digital campaigns on climate action and energy transition.


As part of a global network of communicators, researchers, marketers, and advocacy strategists, we partner with some of Asia’s most influential advocacy organizations to accelerate the climate-friendly energy transition.

We are innovative and data-driven, from inception to evaluation.


Data-Driven Strategy

Cuttlefish Digital sets the right strategy for optimal reach and impact with data-driven insights from inception to evaluation.


Digital Assets & Branding

We elevate new campaigns with comprehensive design and conceptualization. Launch standout campaigns with pitch-perfect branding, logos and assets tailored to your target audiences.


Social Media Campaigns

We consistently push the envelope to create impactful organic content and ads. From Google to Facebook, LinkedIn to Instagram, and newer platforms such as TikTok or Blind, Cuttlefish Digital content is social media fluent and unforgettable.


Online Content

Cuttlefish fine-tunes its copy and visuals to your specific audience via data-based audience research, social listening reports, SEO strategy, and data analysis.


Implementation & Monitoring

We implement and closely monitor campaigns. We know timeliness and the ability to pivot quickly for key moments result in deeper, lasting impact and better coverage.


Evaluation & Insights

Measure your success with data analytics and big picture insights.

We are a digital agency that works with climate sector organizations across the world to bridge gaps and make a lasting impact.

Borders are bridges at Cuttlefish Digital.

Cuttlefish Digital Media is a 100% remote-work digital agency with over a dozen team members scattered across the globe.

This is why we wake up every day.

Though Cuttlefish Digital team members have diverse skill sets, backgrounds and specialties, we are fueled by the same belief: Climate change is real, it’s happening, and we must act now. Together we capitalize on wide-ranging digital expertise for the good of our environment, our climate and our future, to make a real difference today and tomorrow.

Let’s collaborate.

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